About Firm

Firm is building the backbone of internet-native companies.
Firm builds software and legal infrastructure so that companies can be primarily digital. Primarily digital means that the company’s ‘canonical representation’ is a series of smart contracts, even if a legal structure representing the company exists to mirror the digital structure.
We believe corporations to be a fantastic organization form which is behind some of humanity's most incredible feats but at the same time in need of an upgrade.


The founders, operators, and investors of a company are abstracted away from most legal and bureaucratic work. The vision is that people interact with the digital product and perform actions on-chain while legal compliance is automated in the background.
By relying on smart contracts, a lot of operations and transactions in companies are performed autonomously which brings incredible efficiency (eg. fundraising from thousands of small investors is as costly as fundraising from two) while at the same time providing transparency (can see the real state of the company on-chain) and security (everyone’s ‘power’ is explicit and can be limited).
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